Paperback is now available!


So the turn around for the book was quicker than I expected. Both the Ebook and the Paperback version of Life in Lockdown are now available on Amazon!

The link to find book 2 is:

I am really proud to have 2 books online, and love the idea of people having my work on thier bookshelves!

Both books, Life in Lockdown and Transitional, would make a brilliant gift I am sure. Though they are pretty deep so… please gift responsibly.

I now am going to enjoy rolling on the floor trying not to wet myself! Eeeek it’s out!!!

My Book is Out!


So I am not going to start this post with I am back or anything like that. I have taken a long time away from this. I promised to keep it up to date but I now realise that was an impossible promise.

With my Degree, Masters degree and job all taking up so much of my time I have found myself struggling to keep afloat. I have had so much to concentrate on and now I have a bit more spare time.

I am hoping that I can pick this up and get into writing a bit more, I loved it when I was doing it regularly but it took a lot of time which I just didnt have.

Anyway. What I am here to tell you is I have released a book on Amazon. It came out at the start of summer and it is now officially available in most countries that allow amazon shopping. (I believe there may still be some exceptions, if you fall into that group I am sorry. Please do ask email to widen their horizons.) The book iscalled Transitional and it is a reflective collection of poems and transitional memories.

It focuses on the most important moments in my life. From childhood friends, moving house, living in different countries (or a different country) and loss to name a few.

I am really proud of the book, and would absolutely love to think that some people may have a copy of it on their book shelves! Even just thinking that someone in another country could have my book is so bizare but exciting to me.

Anyway I am attatching a link to this post where you will find the book. There is no pressure to buy it at all. It would make for a fab gift for the holiday period or just a bit of reading during the rather bleak times we have found ourselves in.

Transitional can be found here:

I am also working on another collection of texts, this time focusing on the pandemic and how that has made me feel.

The theme with a lot of my work is that it is an honest reflection of how I feel, combined with some literary flair. That book should be completed and up on amazon within the next month or so. I am just working on the fine tuning now.

Hoping that anyone who has stuck around during my down time is safe and well, and here is to me saying I will start writing more frequently … again.

Pandemic Poetry


It sounds morbid to say that I am happy pandemic poetry is almost ready to be published. I really hope that doesn’t offend anyone. I know it is a rather delicate and sensitive subject to be approaching but I really enjoy writing about my emotions and allowing myself the freedom to express how I feel in my writing.

I think it is important for me to be able to express myself and if others enjoy reading what I put out then that is a bonus.

I think this collection should be reading with the next month or so, just in time for Christmas and the holiday season.

I feel like this collection is a bit more general than my last collection (Transitional) as this collection focuses more on the lockdown proceedure and how I felt about it. Transitional was more focused on things only I would know about. Hopefully you enjoy the new collection, and if you fancy a deeper dive into my past then take a look at transitional before the new collection is released.

I am aiming to have it published around the middle of November but I also know I suck as sticking to deadlines so we will see – keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting updates on the way.

Hoping you are all well and safe

Romance is Dead


Romance is dead, I’ve heard over and over.

All the romantics getting older and older.

What happened to chivalry, love and compassion,

it all seems so alien. Did that even used to happen?

Those feelings of warmth when meeting a buddy,

Felt as snug as you do when you’re home in your hoodie.

Your tummy turns and flips and drops,

as a gentle kiss lands on your chops.

And to those few who know of courting and dating,

not those awful flings after endless self hating

Don’t take for granted your moments of love,

but think of those moments before you fly up above.

Those teens who’s feelings go against the masses,

who don’t act distasteful and talk nonstop about asses.

Romance is dead, you’ll hear a teen say.

A teen who is single at the end of the day.

But what about those who live with a soulmate,

those who don’t fuck at the end of a date.

The single few who do nothing but moan,

are also the ones who are glued to their phone.

This seems like a rant against the youth and their lives.

But men mistreat women yet expect happy wives.

Applying to young men through to the old.

Everyone dies and all of us cold.

Romance is dead, my mother often says

but shes now been married for over a thousand days.

If romance was dead why doesn’t she leave,

that’s because its not fact its just what she believes.

If romance was dead, who’d waste their time,

on roses and chocolates, be my valentine.

The truth is romance is forgotten not dead,

for a feeling is born not to the world but to the head.

Romance is an emotion a gift and a feeling

so where are the days where couples bounce off the ceiling,

coming home from a date having a night of bliss,

now its just town, out on the piss.

Gone are the days of meeting in person.

Now we all wait for Tinders latest version.

Romance is dead you may say after reading,

but honestly no. Romance is still a feeling.

If romance was dead, why are we here?

Whats left for us without someone near?

Someone who knows us and treats us like royals.

Not someone who swipes left unattracted to boils.

Romance isn’t aesthetic or pretty

romance is loving yet horribly witty.

Romance is dead, it wants you to think,

so you go down town and you’ve started to drink.

Never before was the aim to be legless.

Instead it was meant to be a way to be stress-less.

Meet someone new and start a discussion.

A new way of thinking takes away the safety cushion.

Go take a risk, get up out of bed.

Romance is out there, and will never be dead

$£ !!Sale!! £$


I am happy to be announcing that there shall be a price dip, for 2 weeks. I shall be knocking the price of the book down.

Both paperback books will be reduced – the ebooks will remain the same price.

Hope you all have a lovely christmas and a happy new year, whatever you are doing.

Transitional – Poetry collection : paperback reduced to £4.70

Life in Lockdown – Poetry collection: paperback reduced to £4.70

Grab yourself a bargain!



I look out my window and all I see,

is a sea of green and red greeting me.

A peek of a leaf, a flash of a berry,

and this is why Christmas is merry.

One morning they’re white with frost and with snow,

the next they are vibrant, all colours on show.

The view from my window is so picture perfect,

theres no way this christmas could ever be wrecked.

I walk out to see them, to talk and to chatter.

I touch on a leaf and the ice tries to shatter.

But snap and creak, is all it can do.

I stay there admiring, til my lips turn blue.

The next day I venture, I go back to see,

and what I had saw was a shock to me.

A bend and a break, in the stem of the plant.

I stay in and rave, I stay in and rant.

Sometime soon I see it,

I go out with my kit,

of tape, feed and of cane.

I hope to repair, its major sprain.

A stroke of a leaf, not wanting to pick.

And met with a stab, a sharp type of prick.

Now more red is here, to join with the shades,

as leaves once so pretty, now sharp as blades.

Stuck, pricked and stabbed. My hand now is sore,

But makes me love my little holly much more.

Winter Frost


Cold air sweeps the freshly laid snow towards my feet,

A slight gap between the cuff of my trousers and my shoes.

Snow gets in,

wet and cold my feet cry for help.

A thought of freeze burn on my feet makes me shiver.

The breee picks up into gusts,

now the snow is being thrown.

The wind, balling up snow and pelting it at my back.

I catch a glimpse in a neighbours window and see my reflection.

I blend in.

My hair, white. clothes covered and shoes have dissapeared into the snow.

A winter frost is here,

snowm hail and sleet will make this year one to remember.

No snow last year, or the year before.

Maybe this year’s bounty is a stockpile of those two years?

A winter frost is here,

and I am thrilled.

A reminder of home life,

snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights.

Swapped out for cups of tea sat in the conservatory.

Now I get a real christmas,

Now I get to love the holidays!

Transitional – Poetry collection :

Life in Lockdown – Poetry collection:



Breathe a breath,

see it fly

out in front of you.

Breathe again and see it go further,


still cold.

Breaths of ice,

inhaled as the winter announces its presence.

Breathe, see the season.

See the seasons wishes before you,

created by you.

Breathe a breath, sit back and relax.

Winter is here, time to wrap up.

screens… screens




everywhere screens.

light screens,

dark screens,

logging off screens.

Colourful screens,

white screens,

too many screens to take in.

Busy screens,

idle screens,

but all of these screens plugged in.

Today there are none,

They’re packed up and gone,

I don’t want to see one more screen.

A day i’m offline,

I am feeling fine,

happier than I have ever been.



Just be kind,

and keep in mind,

the way that people feel.

Before you speak,

not even a squeak,

with your heart, appeal.

Think about your words,

that fly off like birds,

towards a friendly ear.

Think of things,

not thorns or stings,

of things you want to hear.

Happy things,

kind things,

things to make you smile

when you speak,

not scream or shriek,

life is better by a mile.

The second book.


So today I wanted to put a post up briefly explaining the plot / reason / style of my second book.

My second book, Life in Lockdown, is a collection of prose, poetry and short stories to recount the lockdown from March (UK). The content touches on a few topics such as, shopping in a pandemic, the NHS rainbows, Politicians breaking the rules, just to name a few.

The purpose of writing the book is that I used the writing time as some self care. I wrote about my feelings, getting what I thought out and trying to offload what I felt onto paper.

Thats not to say that the book is just a long rant and meaningless words mashed together to make a book. I did enjoy writing the book, and I think the content is an anjoyable read.

The book is currently on amazon for £1.99 for the ebook, or £5.99 for the paperback.

The book is short, but the paperback is 70 pages long which I think is a decent length for poetry and prose.

You can find the book here, if you fancy getting yourself a copy.

Or simply search for Life in Lockdown Jonathan Harper and find the above cover. It is available in most countries around the world.

Hope youre all staying safe out there and have a fab day!



A mother is a million things,

a cook, a cleaner and a teacher.

But of these things the one to shine,

is that this mother is just mine.

Mine and also my brothers too,

I know they feel the same way I do.

You stuck by us, when we were sad.

When we were scared, or we’d been bad.

This one mother has nurtured us,

and did it all without a fuss.

To this mother, I must say,

thank you mam, for every day.

Thank you for the things you share,

thank you for stroking my hair,

when I was ill and needed you.

I can shout, Mam! If I feel blue.

To help me, quick, you will come.

after all you are my mum!

Transitional – Poetry collection :

Life in Lockdown – Poetry collection:

Howl, louder!


I lie,

A cold sweat, but Im not hot.

I can’t sleep.

The duvet becomes an annoyance,

as I wrestle with my thoughts.

A sound distracts me,

but only for a moment.

A howl.

In my head,

For that brief moment,


Ironically, silence.

Then immediately after,
















And again, a howl.

This time for longer.

and with it come a groan.

The sound of a dull ache.

A cracking sound,

then a moment of silence.

The crack,

what was it?

It didn’t sound like plaster, or slate, or metal.

It sounded quite dense.

More a pop than a crack.

A howl.

All night.

A howl, every so often.

Just often enough to keep me awake,

but not often enough to send me to sleep.

I wish for the howl.

I want the howl.

Howl Louder, I scream in my head,

but I know that any noise will wake my sleeping partner.

A slit of the sky is visible through the curtains,

parted slightly, but keeping the secrets in.

Or in this case,

keeping the secrets out.

A howl, that is soft but full of power.

A further crack, well, pop.

A crash.

I lay still.

If this is my last moment, I accept it.

In that moment I fall asleep.

Sleep, or unconsciousness.

either is fine with me,

as I wake the next day.

I walk to the kitchen to create my morning mixup.

caffine, water, sugar, calcium and fat.

I see outside there was a storm last night.

A sea of peach, red and terracotta on the grass.

Plants exposed and lay naked on the patio.

The pop,

I guess,

was more of a crack.

One plant,

my favourite,

lay naked on the gravel.

No pot in sight,

but two halves on the grass.

Tonight I wish for just one thing,

Howl louder, wind.

or leave us in peace.

By Jonathan Harper

Transitional – Poetry collection :

Life in Lockdown – Poetry collection:



A song fills the house with joy and happiness,

a special occasion, for a special person.

The song adds age, it adds to your life.

The singing is off key, and somewhat sharp.

But an effort is made, whether musically perfect or not.

A candle flicker is quite romantic,

but the lack of light is sometimes frightening.

More lights are needed to make this day bright.

The song is a reminder of life here at home,

that may have been lost in the festivities of the year.

The lights go off, ready to start.

this year sparklers and candles and lights,

no more fright, no more fear.

This next year will be full of cheer.

4 years of singing, of lights and of cake,

happy birthday, partner,

what other records can we break!

Transitional – Poetry collection :

Life in Lockdown – Poetry collection: