Paperback is now available!


So the turn around for the book was quicker than I expected. Both the Ebook and the Paperback version of Life in Lockdown are now available on Amazon!

The link to find book 2 is:

I am really proud to have 2 books online, and love the idea of people having my work on thier bookshelves!

Both books, Life in Lockdown and Transitional, would make a brilliant gift I am sure. Though they are pretty deep so… please gift responsibly.

I now am going to enjoy rolling on the floor trying not to wet myself! Eeeek it’s out!!!

My Book is Out!


So I am not going to start this post with I am back or anything like that. I have taken a long time away from this. I promised to keep it up to date but I now realise that was an impossible promise.

With my Degree, Masters degree and job all taking up so much of my time I have found myself struggling to keep afloat. I have had so much to concentrate on and now I have a bit more spare time.

I am hoping that I can pick this up and get into writing a bit more, I loved it when I was doing it regularly but it took a lot of time which I just didnt have.

Anyway. What I am here to tell you is I have released a book on Amazon. It came out at the start of summer and it is now officially available in most countries that allow amazon shopping. (I believe there may still be some exceptions, if you fall into that group I am sorry. Please do ask email to widen their horizons.) The book iscalled Transitional and it is a reflective collection of poems and transitional memories.

It focuses on the most important moments in my life. From childhood friends, moving house, living in different countries (or a different country) and loss to name a few.

I am really proud of the book, and would absolutely love to think that some people may have a copy of it on their book shelves! Even just thinking that someone in another country could have my book is so bizare but exciting to me.

Anyway I am attatching a link to this post where you will find the book. There is no pressure to buy it at all. It would make for a fab gift for the holiday period or just a bit of reading during the rather bleak times we have found ourselves in.

Transitional can be found here:

I am also working on another collection of texts, this time focusing on the pandemic and how that has made me feel.

The theme with a lot of my work is that it is an honest reflection of how I feel, combined with some literary flair. That book should be completed and up on amazon within the next month or so. I am just working on the fine tuning now.

Hoping that anyone who has stuck around during my down time is safe and well, and here is to me saying I will start writing more frequently … again.

Pandemic Poetry


It sounds morbid to say that I am happy pandemic poetry is almost ready to be published. I really hope that doesn’t offend anyone. I know it is a rather delicate and sensitive subject to be approaching but I really enjoy writing about my emotions and allowing myself the freedom to express how I feel in my writing.

I think it is important for me to be able to express myself and if others enjoy reading what I put out then that is a bonus.

I think this collection should be reading with the next month or so, just in time for Christmas and the holiday season.

I feel like this collection is a bit more general than my last collection (Transitional) as this collection focuses more on the lockdown proceedure and how I felt about it. Transitional was more focused on things only I would know about. Hopefully you enjoy the new collection, and if you fancy a deeper dive into my past then take a look at transitional before the new collection is released.

I am aiming to have it published around the middle of November but I also know I suck as sticking to deadlines so we will see – keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting updates on the way.

Hoping you are all well and safe

Romance is Dead


Romance is dead, I’ve heard over and over.

All the romantics getting older and older.

What happened to chivalry, love and compassion,

it all seems so alien. Did that even used to happen?

Those feelings of warmth when meeting a buddy,

Felt as snug as you do when you’re home in your hoodie.

Your tummy turns and flips and drops,

as a gentle kiss lands on your chops.

And to those few who know of courting and dating,

not those awful flings after endless self hating

Don’t take for granted your moments of love,

but think of those moments before you fly up above.

Those teens who’s feelings go against the masses,

who don’t act distasteful and talk nonstop about asses.

Romance is dead, you’ll hear a teen say.

A teen who is single at the end of the day.

But what about those who live with a soulmate,

those who don’t fuck at the end of a date.

The single few who do nothing but moan,

are also the ones who are glued to their phone.

This seems like a rant against the youth and their lives.

But men mistreat women yet expect happy wives.

Applying to young men through to the old.

Everyone dies and all of us cold.

Romance is dead, my mother often says

but shes now been married for over a thousand days.

If romance was dead why doesn’t she leave,

that’s because its not fact its just what she believes.

If romance was dead, who’d waste their time,

on roses and chocolates, be my valentine.

The truth is romance is forgotten not dead,

for a feeling is born not to the world but to the head.

Romance is an emotion a gift and a feeling

so where are the days where couples bounce off the ceiling,

coming home from a date having a night of bliss,

now its just town, out on the piss.

Gone are the days of meeting in person.

Now we all wait for Tinders latest version.

Romance is dead you may say after reading,

but honestly no. Romance is still a feeling.

If romance was dead, why are we here?

Whats left for us without someone near?

Someone who knows us and treats us like royals.

Not someone who swipes left unattracted to boils.

Romance isn’t aesthetic or pretty

romance is loving yet horribly witty.

Romance is dead, it wants you to think,

so you go down town and you’ve started to drink.

Never before was the aim to be legless.

Instead it was meant to be a way to be stress-less.

Meet someone new and start a discussion.

A new way of thinking takes away the safety cushion.

Go take a risk, get up out of bed.

Romance is out there, and will never be dead

2 books, out now!


Hey guys,

Thank you for sticking with me over the Christmas period. I have tried to keep to the one post a week (at least one).

I have taken some time to launch other ventures and I am trying to juggle at the moment.

I would just like to remind you of 2 products that I am selling on amazon, I know its not the best ethically but I am still proud to have a book on sale.

The first book is Transitional. This is a short collection of stories, reflective pieces of writing, poems and prose. It touches on elements of my life from being a child, moving to Uni, making friends, being alone. It looks at almost all elements of life.

You can get Transitional here :

I would be really grateful if you did consider purchasing the book, to help a writer out during the pandemic.

There is also the Life in Lockdown collection, which looks at how a UK lad survived the first and second lockdown.

This collection isnt as deep and as dark as it sounds. There are funny moments, moments of relief and moments of reflection as well as the odd deep meaning poem in there. There is also a few sections of streams of consciousness and open conversation with you, the reader.

Life in lockdown is available here:

Both books are currently available for less than £5 each, which is a real bargain. The book is available almost world wide and is well worth the read, if I do say so myself.

If you buy a copy of the book please do tell me what you though on amazon reviews, my facebook page or leave a comment on this post. I would love to hear what you thought.

I am hoping to have more poetry coming up soon, but I dont like to force it so I will just have to wait for my next creative day.

Best wishes, stay safe and look after eachother.


Falling Cloud (Final Part)


Stomp and trample on their flesh, 

While their crunchy skin is fresh. 

Scoop and bite and roll and throw,

Build and shape and scrunch and blow. 

Falling clouds make us happy, 

Not once are they harsh or snappy. 

The falling clouds melt and drip,

And our moods instantly flip.

The smile is gone, the frown is back,

Because, the falling clouds we lack. 

Their little shapes and ruffles and fluff

A click of the fingers, and melt the stuff.

Meet the writer!


Hello everyone, my name is Jonathan and I have written the poems that are on this site. I use this website as a pass time to give me time to think about different things and allow myself a creative outlet. I am also the writer at, where I review theatre, performing arts, dance and any other kind of performance you can think of. If you wouldn’t mind taking a look at that site, you can see if it is for you and give it a follow. There are also social pages for stageside so give them a like and a follow to stay up to date. 

My main goal for this page,Aquickthough is to publish my poems, for free, so you can enjoy them. There is no pressure to ever buy anything linked on a poem, I just know some people like my poems in book form rather than electronically. I started out last year, saying that I would be posting at least once a week. I have obviously failed that. But after a fair few weeks of continuous posting, and may I add about 3 posts a week, I think I have some excess poems a week that can fill in the gap. 

But now I am back and I want to focus on both stagesideuk and aquickthough to make both an active place for comments, followers and readers. 

So please do check both of the pages out, give them both a follow and enjoy the content.

Falling Clouds (Part two)


The falling clouds all do their best,

Before they are laid down to rest. 

The swoop and soar and fly and glide, 

Like following a professional guide. 

They fly around like blobs of air,

Flying down without a care.

Hitting tree tops, roofs and cars,

Landing on the bus stop bars. 

Freezing everything it touches, 

Grasping everything it clutches. 

The falling clouds are holding on, 

Undoing their gliders because they’re done. 

Making camp upon the ground, 

And here comes that familiar sound.

Falling Clouds (Part one)


Falling clouds, floating down.

Bring a smile out from a frown. 

Magic glitter, brings the world joy,

To every little girl and boy. 

The cold and frost all turn to heat, 

As with your friends you do meet. 

The joy and games last all day, 

Its been ages since we would play. 

Having fun and laughs and giggles, 

While in your boots your big toe jiggles.

Keeping warm and hot and alive, 

Just like that time you were five. 

Rushing out to see them scatter, 

To throw them round, and talk and batter. 

Something pretty now a tool, 

To make your dearest friend a fool. 

Have fun out there, in the clouds and the water.

Get out from the bricks, sand and the mortar.

Desire – a short poem


Wanting and needing are two different things, 

One of them scars and one of them stings. 

The wanting of something can be nipped in the bud, 

But a needing of things can run in your blood. 

Needing a friend or a special person to live with,

Is a deeper issue than wanting someone to sleep with. 

The need of a comrade, a friend or a lover,

Over someone to get under, while you’re under a cover. 

A shroud of coloured fabric, that hides away wanting, 

Distracts the soul’s gaze, and gives it a shallow one thing. 

The one thing is but a stem, a twig or a stalk, 

That grows out of love, that romance with a lock. 

Commitment is another, that to want is not good enough. 

To want something deep will sure be too rough. 

A need for a deep root is good and well mannered. 

A need of a loved one is no longer standard.

by Jonathan Harper



we start the year,

with hope and joy,

we’ve lost the fear,

and dodged the ploy.

Politics had made it messy,

sparking hate and dislike,

so this year wont be stressy,

but rather feel a bit dream like.

Start the year with happy thoughts,

leave the bad behind you all.

Leave the baggage, untie the knots,

I hope this year you have a ball.

Have a good one, start this year over.

with glad tidings and best wishes,

that year is done, christmas is over.

Damn, I forgot about those dishes.

The end of the year!


The end of the year,

we send this off with cheer,

no longer in fear,

of bad news to hear.

The old one is gone,

and we still live on,

new day, new dawn,

this year, bring it on.

We stand here with power,

in our finest hour,

we dont bend our cower,

stand tall as a tower.

Bring in the new,

with a dink or two,

happy new year to you,

and to you too.

A strange surprise


Tension builds in the air,

a crowd of eyes staring on.

The anticipation to see what’s what.

Perhaps it’s nice,

perhaps its good!

Perhaps it is, but what if its not,

what if its bad.

The surprise scares me,

though not to the bone.

Just a light sprinkling of fear,

dusted over me by the shreds of paper and tape.

The surprise inside,

isn’t good.

It isn’t bad.

It isn’t really anything.

But a simple pair of headphones,

severed at the plug end.

Merry christmas to you too,


Let’s see whats I have got you.



Atop your tree may be a star,

a guide you see from afar.

Or perhaps a light or glowing orb,

who’s festive joy you do absorb.

Or maybe an angel, to bring hope.

above those toys, sparkle and rope.

Whatever sits on your tree top,

I hope your christmas is not a flop!

Merry Christmas!